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“Clean Hands” Covid Basket

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Keep your hands clean, your mouth covered, and your body aches soothed with this basket! Everything you need to help you fight off Covid (or any sickness for that matter) is included. 

Products included:

  • Lemongrass liquid hand soap
  • Rachelmade Lavender + Eucalyptus hand sanitizer
  • Tea Drop packet 
  • Raw Holly Honey
  • Twine and Textile face mask (size: adult)
  • Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. Cold and Flu salt bath 

*PLEASE NOTE: This box comes with 6 individual items. You will receive all 6 of the products, but they may come in different colors/patterns/flavors. Our brand is founded on uniqueness and individuality. For this reason, we only have a limited stock of each item in-store so that each person can find their special something. We will reach out to you after purchase in the event that we must exchange one of the products in your basket.