Getting to know our local artists through "Interview With An Artist"

K Squared co-owner, Katy Colvin, has been wanting to start her own podcast for over five years now. With a little help, Katy has successfully started her podcast that will be called "Interview With An Artist" and will be hosted through Instagram Live every Friday at 1 PM EST. Her main mission for these podcasts is to give exposure to local artists and allow them to tell their stories.

Katy interviewing Fentriss Moore, the owner of Lumeria.

"Interview With An Artist" is a passion piece for Katy, something she has been wanting to do since she was younger. As a podcast listener herself, she fell in love with the emotional storytelling that came from her favorite podcasts. Katy decided to interview the artists from her store and feature them on a podcast to spread their stories while also supporting their businesses.

"I really wanted to do something to highlight all of our wonderful artists. In our stores we have handmade gift items and a lot of the people are people we met at art shows. We love what they do and how passionate they are about their products!"

Her very first live interview features an artist named Fentriss Moore, owner and founder of Lumeria Body Care. Lumeria is a plant based, lifestyle brand featuring bath care, body care, and home decor. Fentriss is a vegan himself, and really wants to spread the message that plant based products are the healthiest option for your body and your home.

Lumeria Body Care

Fentriss opens up about his struggles with his skin, body image, and more. He tells the story of how he broke barriers as an African-American man that is passionate about a natural, vegan lifestyle. He laughs as he tells a story of how old friends and colleagues would say, "I've never met a black man like you before!" He continues on to give some excellent advice about running a successful small business. 

Tune in every Friday at 4 PM to catch one of these uplifting and inspirational live interviews on K Squared Artisan Boutique's Instagram! 

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